We localize your language into different varieties of Chinese

And we specialize in content for the following industries:

  • Medical instrument and equipement
  • Pharmaceutical and clinical trial
  • Software developement
  • Technology, information and Internet
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Outdoor equipement and apparel

Did you know?

Variants matter. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are used in different markets around the world. Using the wrong one could cause negative impressions and waste your localization and marketing investment. Talk to us and we will help you figure out which variety you need.

FLOW is the ideal team for


We support outdoor equipment and apparel brands

Trip planners and developers

Open up new user bases for your adventure route planners and destination guides

Tour providers

Recreation site and travel agency web pages


Get more followers on social media and more subscribers for your articles


Guide books, autobiographies, maps and brochures


Add subtitles to the documentary of your expedition

Why us?

Native speakers of your target varieties

Providing translations into the correct language variant is the key to engaging your client. Working with the native speakers of your target market is the only secure way to optimize your localization investment.

Solid workflow to ensure quality

In addition to the standard TEP procedure (translation, editing and proofreading), our professional language team implements proven QA tools to provide the most accurate translation.

Post QA is included

Too many things happen after the translated words are adapted to the final products. We include post QA in our standard procedure to make sure everything looks good before public launch.


Your put your customer first, therefore they are our first priority as well. We always have your audience in mind. All the effort we make is to provide words that they are comfortable reading, to achieve outstanding satisfaction.



I’m Mia Liou, an English to Chinese translator.

Back in 2015, an 800-kilometre hike across northern Spain changed my life. The Camino de Santiago showed me a fascinating world of outdoor adventures I’d never known before. I discovered that there is so much more to see in nature and that people can realize their hidden potential and keep pushing their limits. After coming back to Taiwan, the mountainous island I call home, I got to grips with all kinds of outdoor activities to learn more related skills. During my learning process and trip preparation, I always wish there was more information available in Chinese languages, and I hope this knowledge and information can be shared with like-minded friends. That’s why FLOW is here.

Before all these changes happened, I’d been working in the localization industry for 10 years, accumulating experience in project management and workflow. I then became a full-time translator and expanded my skill set. I never stop learning, and I continue to grow with the industry. My dedication to providing high quality translation and maintaining a responsible working ethic has earned me hundreds of happy clients all over the world in the past 15 years.


Taiwan Association of Translation and Interpretation


without Borders


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Why our clients trust us

Words from happy clients

Mia is professional and delivers good translation. She is the first person in my mind for Tranditional Chinese translation.

MART translation LLP

High quality, reliable and fast

Alconost Translations

Attentive to detail and responsive. Consistently good quality in skill and professionalism.

Language Scientific, Inc.

Over the course of several assignments, Mia has proven to be a high-quality and reliable translator. I am very glad I contacted her.


Good translator, very reliable.

Amy Chen

We have been working with Mia for the last 4 years and we have never had any issues. A very reliable professional providing high quality translations, always in line with instructions and deadlines. It has been great having Mia onboard - we hope to continue working with her in the future as well. Ksenia

Codex Global

Very responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Sue Copas, Verbatim Services Ltd

Mia has collaborated with us in a number of projects. She’s very professional, delivering great quality translations in a timely fashion. She has a great attitude and is quick to answer queries or project requests.

Rudy Chang, Beyond Translation Pty Ltd

Good translator, very reliable.

Shanghai Sealien Translation Company